Airpro with strong green ambitions

June 29, 2023

Airpro is Finland’s largest ground handling company, operating in 17 Finnish airports, and in 2022 Airpro became the first Nordic customer to introduce electric-operated Elephant BETA deicers at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. This is part of Airpro’s vision to provide emission-free ground handling for its customers. Airpro has calculated that their green equipment fleet can save 173 kg of CO2 per turnaround while at the same time reducing noise and particle pollution.

Sustainability is one of the company’s core values. Airpro’s vision is to draw attention to green initiatives within the aviation industry.

For example, all outworn work clothes are sent to a factory reusing the fibers in new clothes. It saves over half a million liters of water compared to replacing used clothes with new clothes. It also saved the atmosphere 970 kg of CO2 by not burning old clothes.

By using electric vehicles, Airpro will save the environment from significant emissions. To learn what green initiatives mean to those who will benefit from them in the long run, Airpro visited a local kindergarten to hear the children’s view of greener aviation. The 40 children came up with their suggestions, and some of their drawings were transferred to the sides of the new vehicles now driving around the airport. The children’s motives were typically the good things about our current environment, which everyone wants to preserve. The drawings aim to create dialogue and reflection about new technology and the future.

Airpro serves many customers, and to most of them, green solutions are essential. In an age where the focus is on climate change and the consequences of our choices, green solutions are reasonable financially and in terms of image.