Meet us

Meet us who work at Vestergaard Company

Why come to work with Vestergaard Company? What can the company offer of opportunities and working environment and relationships?

Let’s hear what the employees themselves have to say about working with Vestergaard Company.

Philipp and Lasse come from different educational backgrounds but now both work as electricians in the assembly department. They point out the many opportunities to develop and work together with skilled colleagues in a company where new electrical technology is continuesly developed.

Meet Jørgen, who is a metal worker specialized in stainless steel. Jørgen has been with Vestergaard Company since 2004 and works in our telescope department. He enjoys working with the technically exciting products that constantly evolve, which gives the opportunity for employees to train their skills and improve both technically and personally.

Jørgen also points out that is a special joy to work for a company who is at the forefront of technology and green development.

Meet Julius, who has been an apprentice with Vestergaard Company and is now employed in our IT-department.

Julius enjoys working with Vestergaard Company because it is a large international company with many contacts to colleagues and departments outside of Denmark. He also points out the feeling of a very social environment amongst colleagues.

Meet Kenneth and Carsten who are both Workshop Supervisors with Vestergaard Company. They have different backgrounds but have both started with the company many years ago and worked their way up to their present management positions.

Meet Casper, who started his journey with Vestergaard Company when he wrote his final project in the mechanical engineering department.

Casper is now working as department manager for our development and trial department. He likes to work in a company which always works with the latest technology and ranks among the market leaders in the industry and where there is a high professional level amongst all employees.

Meet Katja, who applied for a job with Vestergaard Company to continue her career in the aviation industry. Katja started in the Business Development Department in 2018 and now works in the Sales Department as the right hand of the company CSO.

Katja points out the joy of working with a market leading company in the industry, who offers a physical product that you can see and touch. She enjoys the many opportunities for working with international and exciting commercial projects.