Meet us

Meet us who work at Vestergaard Company

Why come to work with Vestergaard Company? What can the company offer of opportunities and working environment and relationships?

Let’s hear what the employees themselves have to say about working with Vestergaard Company.

Kristoffer Havgaard, Vestergaard Electrical Workshop

  • Name: Kristoffer Havgaard
  • Age: 27
  • With Vestergaard since: 2009

Kristoffer works as an electrician in the workshop and is a fan of the working environment and the relationship among people at Vestergaard Company.

“The working environment at Vestergaard is great!  The company is in favour of our ongoing development and acts very responsively if we come up with relevant suggestions on how to improve our working situation.

“My relationship with my colleagues is great. Vestergaard invites you to take part in many different events, like f. ex. sports and concerts, giving us the opportunity to meet outside work. Vestergaard also hosts two parties every year, one in the summer and one at Christmas, where we may connect and get to know each other better within and across departments.

Why would recommenthat otherjoin Vestergaard Company?

“I would recommend others to join Vestergaard, if they like challenges in the working day, a great working environment and nice colleagues. Great management, great colleagues, just a great company all around”.

Christian Røest-Hansen, Vestergaard Production Department

  • Name: Christian Røest-Hansen
  • Age: 48
  • With Vestergaard since: 1988

Christian started as a metalworker apprentice in 1988. Having been at Vestergaard for 30 years, and having worked in many different parts of the workshop, he does not hesitate when asked about his colleagues.

“My colleagues are great”.

Why would I recommend that others join Vestergaard Company?

To put it briefly, this is a nice place to work. If you have problems, no matter whether it is of a private or work-related nature, the company steps in to help you deal with it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend  Vestergaard Company.”

Hanne Præstholm, Vestergaard Logistics Department

  • Name: Hanne Præstholm
  • Age: 46
  • With Vestergaard since: 2006

Hanne started at Vestergaard in the logistics department in 2006 as a purchaser. Over the years, her qualifications and know-how developed, and she is currently working as a project coordinator. Throughout her 12 years in the company, some things have never changed, however:

“The environment at Vestergaard, occupational as well as social, has remained forthcoming, allowing you to say what is on your mind and being ready to respond.”

Why would I recommend that others join Vestergaard Company?

”This is a dynamic company, and if you are interested in a company that works across borders, this is a place of many opportunities. The working environment allows you to have great influence on your job, and if you come up with ideas that are relevant, they are seldom ignored.”

Jan Lindved Kristensen, Vestergaard Mechanical Engineering Team

  • Name: Jan Lindved Kristensen
  • Age: 50
  • With Vestergaard since: 2003


Jan has been with Vestergaard since 2003. He is a member of the liaison committee and the working environment committee, and he has for ten years been a board member of the staff social club.

“The social aspect of Vestergaard definitely makes cooperation among departments easier. When you are familiar with your colleagues’ background, and when you know them personally, this can be a great help and advantage, also when you are to interact on a professional basis.

Why would I recommend that others join Vestergaard Company?

“It is great that we can meet outside work and go to the cinema, go for a run, for a bike ride or go to a concert or a theatre show together. To me, this is an important aspect of working at Vestergaard which I highly recommend.