American Airlines awards Vestergaard Company with additional multi station VTS order

October 20, 2016

Vestergaard Company is pleased to announce that American Airlines has purchased an additional 33 VTS (Vacuum Toilet Service) units for three additional stations to include Philadelphia (PHL), Charlotte (CLT) and Phoenix (PHX).

After the successful implementation of the first 50 units into New York (JFK), Dallas (DFW), Chicago ORD) and Las Angeles (LAX), the high quality and reliability of the Vestergaard VTS units have proven to demonstrate a major impact on station operations.

VTS units will be supplied in both summer and winter use configurations. One of many unique features of the Vestergaard VTS is the continuous vacuum technology for fast and clean operation. Another unique feature is that the units can be programmed and fleet customized for waste, flush and fill eliminating potential errors and accidental discharge of hazardous waste.

The below data clearly shows the immediate and positive impact to the operation over the prior use of gravity based lavatory equipment.

For more information, please stop by our Booth # 847 at the IAEMA GSE Conference.

After the show or for more information, please contact Peter E. A. Haug Sales Manager, North American Operations, or 24-hour cell at 303 564-7905.

Vestergaard Company design, manufacture and service Ground Support Equipment (GSE) based on advanced innovation and technology. The Vestergaard product line leads the industry for quality, functionality and durability primarily supplying deicing systems, Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service systems and Aircraft Washing systems.
Vestergaard Company, October 20th 2016