A salute to innovation – Aéro Mag welcomes the world’s first electric powered de-icing truck.

December 22, 2020

We are extremely excited that Aéro Mag is testing our first electric powered Elephant® BETA deicer in Montreal.

This BETA is the world’s first electric powered de-icing truck and Aéro Mag annonces the testing as “A testament to Aéro Mag’s commitment to safety, operational efficiency, innovation, and ecology.” and “A part of Aéro Mags strategic vision to be a carbon-neutral company by 2035.”

With a fully charged battery the electric Elephant® BETA deicer can deice 10-15 aircraft without running the truck’s chassis engine.

Le nouveau camion d'Aéro Mag en train dégivré un avion

The Elephant® BETA is equipped with an OEM lithium-ion battery, which is charged either via an on-board charger or via a generator on the PTO of the chassis diesel engine. Electric motors run movements, spraying and low-speed maneuvering around the aircraft with diesel engine turned off.

“A full charge takes 2-6 hours and then you can operate for 8-12 hours. Using the efficient BETA we save both time and fluid. And looking at it from the environmental aspects test results for the electric version of the BETA so far show a CO2 reduction of 87%!” says Mario Lépine, president of Aéro Mag.

Aéro Mag is a private international company based in Montreal, specializing in aircraft de-icing, management of de-icing centres, and de-icing product recycling.

Aéro Mag provides complete aircraft de-icing services on the international stage, from de-icing installation design, to operations management, to IT integration.